A Good Thing A Day

Published in Personal / Mental Health - 1 min to read

When I was first really struggling with depression at school, I got in the daily habit of writing one good thing about that day. I kept it up at university and for a time after that too, but I haven’t done it for years. Looking back, some of them are hilarious, one reads “ate an entire cake”, but others are pretty depressing - one day in 2014 I wrote “literally nothing”, which is a painful reminder of the hole that I was in.

I’ve not done it for years, but I have been doing well at consistently writing in my Notion journal every day. The default template has sections for “intentions”, “happenings”, “grateful for” and “action items”, and I always fill in the first three but leave the last one blank, given I already have enough to-do lists in my life. Writing things I’m grateful for is a good start, but can be a bit vague, so I’m going to bring back the one good thing a day - I can’t wait to be able to write there that I ate a whole cake again.