Jonny Spicer

I like running really far, figuring out how to be happier and setting goals. I’m interested in Effective Altruism, neural networks, prediction markets, climbing, coffee, tattoos, and plenty more.

I’m also a software engineer by trade, and I’ve worked for big and small companies across a range of different tech stacks and disciplines.

If you want, you can learn a bit more about me, and if you’d like to know even more than that, you can ask me, by getting in contact.

This site is primarily a home for my blog. You can read the latest post, and if you’re a regular reader, that link will always be my most recent offering, so you can bookmark it.

I've written a lot over the past few years. There's 1344 posts in the archive for a total of approximately 381179 words. That means the whole thing would take about 25 hours and 24 minutes to read, but I'm really hoping nobody has that much free time on their hands.