An open letter to all my friends, ever

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Recently my therapist pointed out to me that part of the reason I struggle with relationships might be because of a sense of shame, and I think she was absolutely right. There is a lot which I don’t tell people that I want to, partially out of anxiety, but largely because I’m ashamed of my feelings, often towards the person in question. Having feelings is unmanly and weak in our culture, and even shame itself is a taboo subject, but it’s not even like other taboo subjects. Everyone says “we must end the stigma around talking about dying/mental health/sex”, but nobody says anything about shame.

Anyway. Rather than get anything off my chest individually to anyone, I thought I’d do it all in one place, where I can maintain some kind of idea that this is some kind of experiment for me, and I’m not just being super fucking weird. Here is an open letter to all of my friends, ever: