Another Love Letter to the GSL

Published in Esports - 1 min to read

My alarm went off at 5am this morning, heralding the return of the still-not-especially-accurately-titled Global Starcraft 2 League, the present edition of which features a Mexican, a Canadian, and twenty-two South Koreans. I’m becoming more aware that following SC2 is a niche pasttime and the people around me find it strange that I’d eschew a healthy amount of sleep in order to watch the games live, but I don’t really care. Amidst the abnormality of everyday life at the moment, this morning’s group was an oasis of familiarity and joy, with the hype, the history, and the hilarious ultra-polite Korean shit talking all combine to make me feel incredibly glad I woke up early to be party to it.

Wednesday’s group sees the Canadian phenom Scarlett playing, in another attempt to cement herself in the annals of esports history as one of the greatest foreigners of all time. Fortunately that group starts at the more agreeable hour of 10:30am BST, giving me a few hours to get my popcorn and energy drink breakfast prepared.