Bad Post

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Bad Posts are the best posts. I think a lot is lost when I try and focus too much on writing something ‘good’, I lose my voice, I overthink things, I stop writing about my feelings towards the subject matter. We started blogging as a purely selfish endeavour, an exercise in personal development, and there is far more to learn from in ‘bad’ posts than their supposedly positive counterparts. The point of writing a post is to get an idea clear in my own head, not to have it clear on the page, and we’re straight white men, an air of smugness is inherent in all our writing.

Not everything has to be thoughtful or honest, these are just snapshots of our life. If we look back and cringe at what we wrote, that’s a good thing - it means we knew things now we didn’t know at the time. Even now when I read back on my old posts, a lot of the ones that make me smile are ones that I thought were bad at the time, just throwaways when I was too tired or too stressed at the end of the day. There’s something raw and without pretense about writing a post when you really can’t be bothered - it’s impossible to summon the energy to write about something that isn’t authentically part of what’s on my mind in those moments.

Not sure I am sold on the trying to defend it thing though… So you still have a little work to do ;-)