Blog Embarrassment

Published in Blogging - 1 min to read

Recently I’ve felt a bit sheepish about writing on the blog. More people are finding and reading it, including people I’ve either just met or don’t know super well. I know that these people are almost certainly not going to be rifling through my back catalogue, but it is still a little bit terrifying to know that they might read something especially personal that I’d written, and I might be being unintentionally quite vulnerable with them from the get-go. Given the vast quantity of these posts that I phone-in, half-arse and don’t even bother to proof-read, it’s also distinctly possible that someone’s first impressions of me might be that I’m not a very good writer, that I’m not smart and that my head is filled with inane thoughts that I have some kind of entitled sense of self importance about needing to share.

But I guess that is part of the point of it all; trying to let go of the facade of having it together, of always presenting the best version of myself to people, and instead being comfortable with the fact that yeah, sometimes I have difficult feelings, and also quite a lot of things going through my head are perfectly mundane and wholly uninteresting and uninspiring.