Emotional Riches II

Published in Personal / Wellbeing - 1 min to read

While lamenting the constant exhaustion of my “emotionally rich” life barely over a month ago, I am pleased to say I’ve done a pretty good job of swapping for something more emotionally bland recently, and I’m loving it. Obviously the pandemic helps, every day is largely the same, and having a new job with good work-life balance as well as clear expectations of me makes things simple. I’ve been socialising a lot, and actually really enjoying spending more of my energy on myself - perhaps I am even more introverted than previously thought.

As I suspected in my previous past, the consistency is wonderful. I’m not euphoric every day (in a way which might balance out my tendency to be despondent every day), but I’m content, and it’s peaceful. What I might have once considered boring is actually exactly what I wanted.

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