Endless Disco

Published in Video Games / Social Media / Computer Science - 1 min to read

Disco Elysium is one of my favourite games ever, and in fact might be one of my favourites pieces of art ever. A big part of the reason I hold it in such high self esteem is because I thought the writing was truly phenomenal, a mixture of tragic, funny, insightful, witty, poignant and engaging at all times - I cannot say enough good things about it.

It’s so good in fact that someone set up a Twitter bot that simply tweets quotes from it, which I adore. Someone took things a step further and trained the GPT-2 language model to produce further AI-generated “quotes”, which duly got their own Twitter bot - endless disco.

People talk a lot about the evils of technology, AI, etc etc, about Turing Tests and whether or not the creations of a robot could ever be considered art. But, I love the endless disco, and I think it is art - which I think is amazing.

It also has me thinking, what if I could make artifically generated art…