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I’m not working for (at least) the next three weeks, and I don’t have anything else I particularly need to do, past the usual minimum requirements to stay alive. I can’t even play Cyberpunk like I had planned to, given it’s been delayed yet again, and all my friends are working, so I need something to amuse myself. I want to be outside as much as possible as I am pretty over sitting in an office chair at this point, and so I’m going to try and do as much exploring of the island as I can. I’ve never made the most of what’s right on my doorstep, and this year has taught me that I have plenty of adventures waiting within walking distance, so why shell out the money for a plane ticket. There’s plenty of cool bouldering spots I want to check out, caves I want to go in, and trails that I’ve yet to go down. Maybe I’ll even take some pictures.