Highlights and Lowlights

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The last questions of the 36 to fall in love that I thought were particularly interesting are number 17 and number 18: “what is your most treasured memory?” and “what is your most terrible memory?”. I’m not going to share either of our answers for this one (although I already wrote a post with 10 memories that I treasure) so sorry if that’s a bit boring, but the answers were really interesting. For having known each other for so long, we could have had a pretty reasonable stab at most treasured memories, and we largely already knew of the events in the other person’s life that were so dear to them.

The terrible memories were a completely different story. I would say that we would both consider each other to be very close, and to have been close for a long time, and that we’re sufficiently comfortable with one another where we could talk about almost anything - almost evidently being the key. Neither of us had ever related our most terrible memories to the other, and it was difficult for us both to relive them in the telling. But I found it so interesting to see what we both held us the worst moments of our lives, and I think gained more insight into each other in the answer to that question than all the rest.