Ineos 1:59 Challenge III: Inspiration

Published in Running - 2 mins to read

Kipchoge’s historic weekend caught the attention of more of the world than I’d anticipated - over 5 million people have watched the video of the livestream on YouTube alone, most of my coworkers watched the event - even my mum did. The stated aim was to make history, to inspire people, and to allow them to realise that they can do a lot more than they might think if they believe in themselves that they can; in other words, our limits are arbitrary. With the event gaining a lot of mainstream attention, perhaps it actually will capture hearts and minds, as hoped?

It has certainly captured mine, as I have (probably naively) signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon in May. Motivation is at an all time high at the moment, and while I am sure it won’t last forever (and indeed, might not last long at all given how rapidly the cold, dark winter months are approaching), I am hoping having set a marathon as a goal will allow me to remain focused and motivated, even when I don’t feel like putting my running shoes on.

At the expense of being ultra-preachy, I have found running to be really good for my health. It’s difficult to put an objective measure of its effect on me physically, but I have lost a meaningful amount of weight, and have clearly seen a significant improvement in my running ability, which hopefully correlates to better cardiovascular fitness and general health. It also feels good for my mental health as well - I find it very difficult to be sad while I’m running. I’ve stopped listening to anything and simply allow myself to be alone with my thoughts, it provides a good opportunity to think things through and try and gain some mental clarity.

Eliud has certainly inspired me; in May we shall see if I have cultivated enough self belief to break my limits as well.

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