Journaling I

Published in Mental Health / Personal - 1 min to read

I’ve got into a pretty good habit of journaling recently, having managed to do so daily for the last two weeks. While I think the main benefit is that it makes me overthink things slightly less, I also love going back and reading my old journal entries. Of course I have this blog for that too, and I quite like reading my old posts occasionally, as narcissistic as that might be. In my journal I talk a lot more about how I actually feel, and am generally a lot more vulnerable, if it’s possible to be vulnerable with yourself. It’s always surprising to me how much my feelings change in a relatively short space of time; it’s easy to forget about how things used to be in my head, or to assume they were similar to how they are now. My journal is a good reminder that I’m wrong about that a lot, and I probably ought to pay more attention to the progress I’ve made.