Lots of Ideas, a Lot Less Motivation

Published in Blogging - 2 mins to read

I feel like I’m in another blogging slump again recently, beginning pretty much as soon as I stopped doing the randomly selected idea posts. It’s not that I don’t have ideas about what to write about, I still have plenty of those, the issue is finding the motivation to write about them. The good ideas deserve the appropriate amount of time and effort, and its hard to give that to them. All my post ideas get run through a mental filter of “is this incredibly self absorbed? Will anyone actually care about what I have to say on this subject at all? Do I have the right to speak on this subject, and can I add any value at all to its discussion?” and, well, that removes 99% of the things I could write about.

So, this is a bit of a filler blog. This week especially I’ve been trying to be less hard on myself about things, including about daily habits. I think having maybe one or two daily habits (things like personal hygiene don’t count, I mean things like meditation, going for a walk, journaling etc) is sustainable, but once you’re up to three or four, with a full day of work on the side, there really isn’t that much time left in the day to dedicate towards relaxing and actually enjoying life. So I’m deliberately not putting a tonne of effort into these posts, but I think for the right reasons. Given I usually have a million and one things on my mind, with the addition of an imminent move, I need to make some space to watch films and play video games or I’m gonna lose my mind, so blogging, among other things, is gonna have to give way for a little bit.

With that being said, there are still some bigger ideas for longer posts that I have been writing in my head for a while now, and will be coming very shortly. And I’m sure once I’m settled in London, my new home will quickly become an endless source of writing inspiration.