Media Fatigue

Published in Social Media / Wellbeing - 1 min to read

I can feel media fatigue starting to set in - with local news being entirely dominated by our election, Reddit/Twitter/national news being dominated by the US election (I can’t remember the last British policy decision I read about) and obviously everything, everyone, everywhere still being dominated by coronavirus… it’s a lot. I know it’s a lot for everyone, and I know that I am incredibly fortunate to not be affected by these things in my day to day life in the same way that many others are. I have a choice to try to scale back my media consumption to shroud myself in some kind of blissful ignorance, but for many people these issues are their reality, not merely what occupies their screens.

With that being said, in order for me to grow my compassion for, and understanding of, other people I need to be compassionate and understanding towards myself. So for the next couple of weeks I’m going to do my best to read less news, scroll through social media less and ideally spend less time on a computer at all. I’m sure if anything crucially important happens that I would need to hear about from the media, someone would tell me, right?