Old Code

Published in Programming - 1 min to read

It’s remarkable how quickly code ages, and ages poorly at that. Looking back at some of the code for this very site, the oldest of which is only about 2. I’ve written very little frontend code between writing the theme for this site and today, and haven’t spent any meaningful time at all trying to learn about how to write better frontend code, and still while looking through some of the repo this weekend, I was surprised at just how bad some of what I’d written is. Even if my conception of good code and bad code hasn’t changed in the interim, the mere passage of time between writing and reading seems to degrade code quality greatly. In a sense this is frustrating, as it feels like any code I write now begins to decay instantly with a short half-life, but in another way it’s liberating - my code is going to wither and degenerate regardless of how much effort I put into getting it right now, so I may as well make sure I just ship it.