Overdoing It

Published in Wellbeing / Running - 2 mins to read

I can feel myself getting dangerously close to overdoing it, and my body and mind are telling me I need to slow down. After a couple of double run days this week with one session being in the gym in the morning and one on the roads in the evening, this morning I felt the urge to go before work once more and get another morning hill workout in, but my legs are trashed - I knew it on my run last night and I knew it when I felt how tight my hips were on waking today. I know I need to build up to doing big volume weeks slowly if I want to have much chance of success at the EUT, but when I can see some success from my current increase in mileage (ie increased VO2 max, decreased body fat percentage), it’s hard not to extrapolate and want to spend every single available moment exercising, even if on some level I know that’s a horrible idea.

So I’m still going to exercise today, but take it a lot easier - I have 20 minutes of yoga to do and then a very, very easy 5k run, I’ll do something similar tomorrow and then see how having a biggish weekend goes. Running has made me appreciate my body far more than I ever have previously, and a big part of that has been that I’ve marvelled at its ability to recover quickly and let me train hard again often after nothing more than a good eight hours sleep. Hopefully that’ll be the case again tonight, and going forward I can try to think of a more sensible trajectory for my training to take.