Post Pandemic Plans

Published in Personal / Music - 2 mins to read

I’ve been reluctant to make any concrete post pandemic plans for months, for fear that they’ll only end up being cancelled and I’ll be disappointed. Today, after hearing two of my colleagues talk excitedly about festival plans for the autumn, I relented and booked myself a ticket to Wide Awake Festival, a one day event in September, only 5 miles from the office I am soon to be working out of. Being able to see more live music was one of the main reasons I wanted to move to London in the first place, and now I can be reasonably certain this event is actually going to go ahead, it’s so good to have something in the calendar to look forward to.

It’s only a small festival, but there are several acts I’m really excited about - first and foremost black midi, one of the bands highest up my list of acts to see before I die and a band I had tickets to see in 2020 before everything went wrong. I’ve also listened to both Songhoy Blues and Tinariwen for a couple of years now and loved their music, but never really had them on my radar as I didn’t know how often they would tour Europe, but it seems like they actually do so pretty regularly. Tropical Fuck Storm round out the acts I’ve listened to and loved before, and it’ll be nice to make a dent in the long list of post-punks I want to experience live.

It feels like a big step towards normality for me, and I couldn’t be happier about it.