Some More Thoughts About Weight Loss V

Published in Diet and Fitness - 2 mins to read

I have a friend. He’s deeply flawed, but so am I, so I feel like we make a good pair. He’s known me since we were both 14 or so, and he knows I’ve been trying to lose weight my whole life. I know I have historically not made enough effort to see things from others' points of view, and this kind of empathy is something I need to actively work on moving forward. Last week this friend said to me “I don’t understand people who keep saying they want to lose weight, why don’t they talk less and actually do something about it?”. Fuck me.

The same friend also commented at dinner over the weekend that he’s lost 5kg since Christmas. He says the only change he’s made to his lifestyle is cutting out alcohol. Personally I don’t think those numbers add up at all, but I’m not a professional in any kind of even vaguely related field. He exercises roughly the same amount I do, if not less, and eats roughly the same amount I do, if not more. I know he doesn’t spent much time thinking about what or how much he eats. I have spent a huge and likely unsustainable amount of energy on simply maintaining my bodyweight, whilst also not drinking alcohol. The scale hasn’t moved a millimetre. Jealous doesn’t even begin to cover it. I know it makes me an awful friend. I am incandescent, shaking-my-fists-at-God level angry. Why has he forsaken me? Is this fair?

At least now I am old/wise enough to know that anytime I’m asking the question “is this fair?” about myself, the answer is always “yes” and I need to change my perspective and stop playing the victim.