The Night Before Christmas

Published in Video Games - 1 min to read

The second item on my “reasons not to kill yourself” list that I mentioned the other day is “so you can play Cyberpunk 2077”, which comes out tomorrow. Like many other people, I have been excited about this game for literally years, given it was initially announced in 2012, and my anticipation has only intensified as a result of the multiple delays to the game’s release date which was initially slated for April this year. After a couple of these delays, a lot of people wondered if the game would ever even materialise, but it is now pre-loaded on my hard drive, so it’s looking like it might actually be real. The expectation of myself and millions of others is that this is going to be simply the best video game ever, a new benchmark for the medium, something that will redefine what is possible for future games.

Right now I’m a lot more excited about tomorrow than I will be on Christmas Eve.