Vulfpeck Track 10

Published in Music - 1 min to read

Vulfpeck have already done some fairly unconventional (or perhaps trollish) things when it comes to their albums - for example Sleepify, their ten song record which consistly solely of silence, designed to be played while their fans slept. It allegedly racked up $20,000 in royalties, as well as exposing the flaws in Spotify’s model for exposing artists.

This time though, it’s their fans that are the ones being asked directly for the money, as the band is auctioning the tenth track on their album away to the highest bidder. Founder Jack Stratton released a video saying it was due to him making a bad put in shorting Spotify stock which I thought was pretty clearly a joke, but several music journalism outlets appear to have run with it. Vulfpeck are often shrouded in mystery and memes, and regardless of the motivation for the selling of prime sonic real estate, I’m super curious as to what will end up there.

The bidding is already over $50,000 so sadly it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to buy my own little piece of funk history.