A Week In London

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It’s now been a week since I arrived in London, and so far not only have I survived, I am dangerously tempted to say that I’ve thrived. There are simple things I’ve loved that I didn’t expect to, like being able to go into specialty shops and have a conversation about whatever it is I might want to buy with somebody knowledgeable in them, who can point me in the right direction. As expected, being able to go to bigger, better climbing gyms has been incredible. Running is admittedly not so nice, but at least my new usual route is loops of a park which has swans and squirrels and hundreds of dogs. The office is incredible, I absolutely love working in it, and I’ve loved getting to meet some of my colleagues in person. I have slowly begun trying to map out all the food places I want to try and I had my first Watchouse coffee this morning; I think it might be the best coffee I’ve ever had. Speaking of coffee, I also just ordered my first grinder, as well as a V60, some filters, a pouring kettle and some coffee scales, so all that’s left of my pretentious home coffee setup is a water filter and some actual beans. Between that and my new nutribullet, I feel like I am going to be able to hone in on the art of making delicious liquids at home.

This isn’t to say it can’t all go wrong. In fact, next week may well be terrible, who knows. But so far, I love it here.

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