No Scale

Published in Diet and Fitness - 1 min to read

It’s been a long time since I’ve lived without a scale, and so far it seems to be a very healthy thing for me. Even though I have previously gone a long time without necessarily weighing myself, I would still see the scale in the bathroom every day and be afraid of weighing myself, often feeling like I ought to step on it to see just how bad things were. Conversely I’ve gone through periods of weighing myself every single day, and having a big emotional attachment to the outcome; happy when it’s down on yesterday but angry, sad and frustrated when it’s up. You don’t need to tell me how unhealthy that particular behaviour is.

Simply having no scale removes both options, leaving me only with the choice to listen to my body, and observe how I feel. Do I feel energetic? Do I feel bloated? Am I having big glucose spikes throughout the day? Am I hungry or am I using food as a coping strategy for something? These are the kinds of questions I think will pave a way towards a healthier relationship with food, and they are much easier to pose when I don’t have the temptation of numerical but often misleading feedback to get in the way.