A Week Of Running

Published in Running - 1 min to read

After my week off running this week I did the opposite and had a week of running, ie lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavements every single day. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve managed this, and it resulted in the highest weekly mileage I’ve achieved too, all thanks to the magic of MAF and my heartrate monitor.

Running every day has been great, although obviously it’s been difficult to fit it in every day, and I have had to sacrifice some amount of sleep for it. Admittedly motivation is through the roof right now, but exercising daily at least feels like I might have an iota of discipline, and I suspect having no days off forces your legs to adapt to the stimulus of running even quicker.

I don’t desperately want to make running every day a thing, or try and set myself any kind of goal for it, but assuming my legs are willing I am definitely planning on going out again tomorrow.