International Films

Published in Film and TV - 1 min to read

Once again, I have no more than 5 minutes to write a blog today (I really need to look at having GPT write these again), so all I have to offer is the thought that international films are great and I should watch more of them. This weekend I got through Korea’s The Handmaiden, Denmark’s Another Round and France’s Stuck Inside, and all were well worth watching, particularly The Handmaiden (although NB there are some pretty graphic sex scenes in it). It’s all to easy to scroll through Netflix recommendations and feel thoroughly uninspired, and watching a film from another culture that has different tropes, values and expectations is not only a nice way to change it up, but also a way to broaden one’s horizons in the lowest-effort way possible. I think it also helps that we tend to only be exposed to the very best international films, which makes them seem more consistently enjoyable to me than their Western counterparts.

I’ve also now watched the top five of the films on this list of the greatest Korean films of all time as well as a few others on the list, and they’ve all been phenomenal.