Flat Hunting II

Published in Personal - 2 mins to read

Having activated the break clause in my lease, I am once again back to flat hunting, with a view to being somewhere new in two months time. It already feels quite stressful, as I’m not even sure what area of London I want to live in, with Bermondsey, Islington and Vauxhall all solid options, and even then there are plenty more areas that would probably tick just as many of my boxes as those. Dealing with estate agents is incredibly tedious and I’m not looking forward to it at all, and finally the actual process of getting all the paperwork and finances sorted before managing the logistics of moving all my belongings from one location to another is deeply unappealing - particular as it’ll be the third time in a little over a year that I’ll have done the latter.

But I know it will all be so, so worth it when I find somewhere that is (fingers crossed) quieter. Having neighbours that disrupt my sleep, not just occasionally, but most nights of the week, is having a huge affect on my physical and mental wellbeing. Even when they aren’t being noisy, I spend the time being anxious for when they do start playing music and preventing me from sleeping. I have a tonne of anxiety about them being loud on Friday night and not being able to get a good night’s sleep before the race. People in the building have pursued every avenue of complaint available to them to no avail, so really there is nothing left to do but move.