The Matrix Resurrections

Published in Film and TV - 1 min to read

Today the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections was released, and it’s actually got me pretty excited. There are a few things I don’t love about it; Keanu Reeves looks more like John Wick than Neo, Laurence Fishburne not being Morpheus and it being unclear if Agent Smith is going to appear at all, let alone be repised by Hugo Weaving, all make it not quite have that familiar, Matrix-y feeling. They have also ditched the green colour grading, although I’m quite glad of that. With that being said, everything else looks solid - it seems the sequel has seen the style of the original trilogy suitably updated for modern sensibilities, and it seems like it’s going to be a solid action film, albeit with quite a few scenes lifted straight from the earlier films to appeal to fans' sense of nostalgia.

Before I watch Resurrections in the cinema, I’m going to have to watch the original again, which I’m quite excited about too. But then I’m also going to have to rewatch Reloaded and Revolutions which I am… distinctly less excited about. Hopefully part four can put the franchise to bed on a high note though.