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Somewhat following on from yesterday’s post, I was thinking about sadness, and more specifically that I experience two fairly distinct kinds. There is the depressed kind of sad, and then there is the normal, healthy kind of sad. What I felt yesterday was the latter - yes I felt sad and it felt bad in the moment, but I knew the whole time that it would pass. There was a lot of catharsis in it, in a way it even felt good to be sad, as if I was processing some kind of pent up emotion or trauma and I could feel something un-knotting in my brain. Then there is the depressed kind, which feels like it will last forever (and has a way of seeping into the rational part of your brain such that you truly believe it will indeed never end), there is no catharsis, no trauma being unwound, just pain.

Anyway. It’s sort of nice to feel the normal person kinda sad.