New Site

Published in Programming - 1 min to read

A new creation of mine has been let loose in the web, and you can view it here. It’s for a cause that has grown to be very important to me in recent months, and its nice to be able to do something to help in a (hopefully) meaningful way. The site is static, and very simple, largely in order to get it up and running as soon as possible before the States' debate on proposed discrimination legislation on July 15th. While its nature might mean it does not necessarily have a huge punch in terms of design or the ability for other people that aren’t me to edit content - it is blazingly fast. Actually, I genuinely think it might be the fastest website for a Guernsey charity. It’s clean, it lets the content speak for itself, and I’m proud of it - now I just hope enough people visit it and take on board the message offered there.