Sarkese Digital Nomads

Published in Misc - 2 mins to read

While I think from an outside Guernsey can seem like a strange place, Sark can only be infinitely stranger. I was surprised to see an article in the Guernsey Press today on the possiblity of Sark attracting digital nomads to try to bolster its population. The big draw is obviously that there’s no taxes, but there are other benefits such as having no cars and apparently no streetlights - a wealthy astronomer’s paradise. I think that what I found so surprising was that in my mind the dream that Sark is selling is an opportunity to be off the grid, whereas digital nomads are obviously wired into the grid. The website of the “entrepreneur” mentioned has some pretty serious Ponzi vibes, but I leave you to draw your own conclusions. I’ve tried to rein in my cynicism because actually, it would be kinda cool if it worked I guess? There’s no mention of high-speed internet connection which I would’ve assumed is #1 on the digital nomad wishlist, and while I was double checking what year they ditched the feudal system on their Wikipedia page (2008, to save you a click), I remembered quite how socially and legally backwards it is and was, and quite how involved the Barclay brothers are with the administration of the island, but who knows.

I for one would love to see a couple of grindhouses set up there. If you got a couple of cumicon to hole up there for a few years, who knows. Maybe they could put Sark on the map?