Productive Overthinking

Published in Mental Health - 1 min to read

As previously discussed, I’ve been an overthinker my whole life. I’m working on making it not so, trying to train myself to focus my mind on something else, but as its the habit of a lifetime, changing it is going to take a while. In the meantime I have accepted my fate, but therapy has at least changed the way I overthink now - there are new paths to go down. I am getting a lot better at catching myself, and before I begin the introspection death-spiral, I can call to mind past words of my therapist’s advice and hazard a guess at what her counsel might be in my current situation. Given that I’m nearly at the end of my prescribed course of time with her, I think I’m pretty good at estimating what she’d say, which is a useful arrow to have in my quiver. It means that sometimes the overthinking can be somewhat productive - rather than letting my thoughts run away, dragging me behind them, I can start to observe them, understand them, and challenge them. That’s going to take a lot of practice too, but I already think it’s a lot better than the old way of doing things.