Thoughts Before Working From Home

Published in Misc - 2 mins to read

Tomorrow is not the first day I have ever worked from home, however it marks the start of the first extended stretch of working from home (at least that I have had while working in software). I thought it’d be interesting to write down some of my expectations and plans on how to stay sane in the upcoming months.

Firstly, I’ve tidied up my desk, which previously was a huge mess. Admittedly all that really means is that I’ve relocated the mess elsewhere in my apartment, but at least my working area is now clean.

Secondly, I plan on having work clothes and not-work clothes - essentially the former are jeans and the latter anything but jeans. I hate jeans. But I think wearing them will be a nice way of mentally separating between the two modes of existence.

Thirdly, routine and exercise I think are going to be crucial. I’m going to try and keep up running as much as possible, as well as do some kind of at-home workout, even if it’s only a couple of sets of push-ups each day. Having my productive hours as 9-5 like usual and trying to have some kind of pre-work and post-work ritual are all parts of the plan.

Fourth, a common piece of advice seems to be to overcommunicate with your team - tell them when you’re at your desk working first thing in the morning, when you’re taking a break, what the best way is to contact you, what you’re working on today, etc etc. That seems like quite a lot but I’ll do my best; I’m sure I can easily tone it down if it’s too much. I’m also obviously going to try to be as social as possible, as I’m sure we all are, to try and stave off loneliness in our seclusion.

I’m both excited and apprehensive about quarantine; on one hand, I think I could potentially be very productive from home given the lack of people to distract me, as well as the extra flexibility I’ll have. I’ll be able to cook hot lunches for myself, or go for a run on my lunchbreak and have a shower on my return, options I wouldn’t have at the office, and my hours can also be more flexible.

The flip side will of course be lack of human interaction and how that’ll affect me. I don’t think there’s any point dwelling on it though, as it’s not llike I have a choice; I’ll just have to do my best.