WFH Day 1

Published in Misc - 1 min to read

Well, day 1 was not actually a total disaster. I put jeans on at 8am, meditated for a bit and got to work. My tidy desk, complete with plants, is actually a pretty peaceful environment, especially when complete with rain sounds and ambient music. I still went for a run, and I had a hot lunch. We had our first all-hands video conference on Microsoft Teams, which is thusfar proving to be a thoroughly middle-of-the-road piece of software. I actually got quite a bit of work done, with no coworkers to distract me (and likely more than said coworkers, who are now beset with children).

I am incredibly lucky to be able to transition to working from home relatively seamlessly, in a time when so many others can’t do so or can only do so under great stress, I am doing my best to be as grateful as possible.