Too Much Holiday

Published in Personal - 1 min to read

We’re almost two thirds of the way through the year, and I have used… 3 of my allotted 24 days of holiday, so significantly less than the equivalent 16 days I would’ve taken if I was doing it proportionally. There are a few reasons that I’ve taken so little holiday; I’ve been waiting and hoping international travel might become more viable, I’d been busy moving to London, I’d wanted to get a good amount of work completed since starting and my new job. I think perhaps the biggest reason though was simply that thinking of something to do with my time off involves effort and planning, and I’ve not prioritised that so far.

But, I am in dire need of a break, and while I had hoped it would let me go abroad, at this point I’m more than happy to take a staycation, even if that means staying in London. I’ve burned myself out from work enough times already and to do so again would be to not learn from past mistakes.