Ross From Friends

Published in Film and TV - 1 min to read

I’m a little over halfway through season three of the iconic show Friends, and so far all I can really think about is how much I hate Ross Geller. His neediness, insecurity, jealousy and neuroticism are so obnoxious, and it all culminates in controlling, emotionally abusive behaviour towards Rachel who could do far, far, faaar better. I can’t entirely workout whether the show frames what he does as acceptable or despicable, it doesn’t really seem to take an opinion, even though I feel like it should.

Of course, I also see a lot of myself in Ross, and perhaps that’s why I have such a strong aversion to him; to see your own worst qualities reflected in someone else is a particularly painful experience. Watching the show has provided me with a good reminder - don’t be like Ross. It’s not achieving anything. For all the flaws that Joey and Chandler have, they aren’t negatively impacting they people they love as a result of them, and that’s a much better way to have issues.