Tower Bridge Lunch Reviews VI: Chilango

Published in Food and Drink - 2 mins to read

For the last day of my week of trying new places, it was time for Chilango, a burrito joint that I’d had my eye on from pretty much as soon as I got to London.

Ordering experience

Chilango use the Subway model - ie you choose the base of your meal at the start and then work your way down the line of extras while your server progressively builds up your meal. I just said “yes” to everything which made the whole thing very easy.


This is actually the second burrito I’ve had in London, the first being from the humbly named “Tortilla”, and Chilango’s offering was a significant improvement. It was big, saucy, and the vegan fake chicken actually tasted great. My biggest complaint though is definitely that the “hot” salsa was in fact incredibly underwhelming, which is a shame because habanero salsa is my favourite thing about Mexican cuisine.

Value for money

The “this ain’t chicken” burrito with all the trimmings set me back £10.45, which is a lot! I would find it very hard to justify paying that price for it again, unless perhaps I was very hungover.


The food at Chilango’s was nice, but it was simply too expensive for my apparently frugal blood. Honestly, if the sauce had been hotter, maybe I’d have forgiven them for the whole thing, but alas that’s not the case, and I see myself turning elsewhere to get my Mexican fix in future.