Tower Bridge Lunch Reviews V: Omoide

Published in Food and Drink - 2 mins to read

Today I had the pleasure of not eating lunch solo, and instead going out to eat with my product manager, who suggested Omoide, a delightful sushi place just slightly further away from Tower Bridge but still within comfortable walking distance.

Ordering experience

Omoide’s beauty is in its simplicity; there are only a handful of things on the menu. An even smaller number of there were vegan, and in fact there was only one chirashi bowl that ticked that box, making the choice easy. It was again prepared right in front of me, so the whole process was quick and painless.


The “Farmers Market” bowl I had was delicious, and I enjoyed the variety of flavours encompassed within the dish. It was all seemingly fairly healthy too, at least to the extent that I felt no guilt in having eaten it afterwards; although by 5pm I was rather hungry once again.

Value for money

I paid £9.50 for something that was probably ~500kcal, which is a lot, especially given I don’t think it had a tonne of protein in either. Obviously I would expect sushi/Japanese cuisine to be relatively expensive, but I would’ve hoped the veggie option might be a bit more reasonably priced.


The food was good, but not great, and the price was a little steep for me. Combined with the extra walk, it seems unlikely Omoide will become a haunt of mine, although until I find a better sushi place (and I fully intend to try), it may be somewhere I revisit when I’m in the mood for Japanese food.