Jonny Spicer in front of Tower Bridge

I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Guernsey (part of which is pictured below), and lived there the majority of my life before moving to London in 2021. My career path thus far has had some thrills and spills, the most exciting of which was playing poker full time in 2017. Since then I’ve finally managed to channel the endless hours I’ve spent at a computer during my childoohd into something positive, which is going surprisingly well as I’m currently a software engineer at a pretty well-known tech company.

I run a lot and have recently broken into the world of ultramarathons, I climb, I play chess, I’m a snob about coffee and I read novels of varying levels of pretentiousness. I’m also keenly involved in Effective Altruism and I’m always keen to talk to more people about it - feel free to contact me if that sounds like something you’d been interested in.

At the moment I am primarily working with Java and AWS, but I also have experience with Golang, C#, JavaScript and Python. I’m completely self-taught and have always found the best way for me to learn a language or a technology has been to get stuck in and build something, even if it sucks. Which it always does, to start.

I’ve struggled over the years with issues to do with weight, body image, self-esteem, anxiety and depression, all of which are now things I try to be an advocate for speaking openly and honestly about. To that end, they’re also the most prevalent themes in my blog, which I write in regularly.

Me rock climbing, being spotted by Anja