1000 Posts

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This is the 1000th post on the blog! I started blogging on Medium back in 2016, then Wordpress, then Blogger, then here. Admittedly over the years I have deleted a very small number of posts, but definitely no more than five. To have written so much in such a short space of time is quite an achievement, if I say so myself, and at times it’s certainly felt like a chore, but overall I think it’s been very rewarding. Having to clearly articulate and defend my ideas publicly has given me great clarity on them (and caused me to let plenty of poor opinions go), and learning to be vulnerable and transparent about my mental health in an open forum has enabled me to be even more honest about it in private. Writing most of the posts alongside a partner in crime has not only held me to account and given an element of friendly competition to the whole thing, but definitely made me much closer to him in the process.

The first 1000 posts have had a lot of thrills and spills, and while there are things I’ve written that I’m not proud of, I am certainly proud of the body of writing as a whole. Hopefully I can take everything I’ve learned and make the next 1000 posts ones even better. And be “even better” I mean “actually good”.