2022 Races

Published in Running - 2 mins to read

My race calendar for 2022 is filling up and I’m incredibly excited. I’ve managed to persuade my partner that it’s a good idea for us to sign up for her first half-marathon in her hometown in Cambridge on March 6th which will be my next race. Then I am planning to do another ultra in late March/early April, although ideally I’d like it to be a UTMB qualifier but I’ve still yet to figure out how their new system works. I am currently pretty tempted by the North Downs Way 50 though. Then on 29th May I have the Edinburgh Marathon and will finally get to tackle that distance in an official event on the roads. My target race for the whole year is of course now the Eiger Ultra Trail 101km on July 16th, and assuming I am not completely broken afterwards, I would quite like to race the OCC on August 22nd, which I’ll be entering the ballot for next month. I have already entered the ballot for the London Marathon in October, and I might consider trying to fundraise for a charity place if I don’t get in, or if not might look to finish off the year with some fun races at shorter distances. It might sound like a lot of races, but I am not planning on racing any of them hard and will be aiming to finish with something left in the tank - that is of course except for the EUT, which I am very much expecting will take everything I have in me to complete.