Advent of Code

Published in Programming - 1 min to read

Tomorrow is the first day I get to eat a chocolate out of my fancy advent calendar, but more excitingly, it’s also the first day of this year’s edition of the advent of code. I’m going to give it my best shot to complete the problems every day and save Christmas, however by this point I am acutely aware that with this kind of thing, I usually do well for the first week or so, and then around day 10 they’ll start getting difficult, my motivation will wane and I’ll give up.

But still, I’m planning on doing them in Go, and it’d be nice to write my solutions up, even if there don’t end up being a complete set of them. You’ll also be able to see any code I end up writing for it here, which already contains some solutions to last year’s puzzles I did as a warm up earlier this week.

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