An Island of Memories

Published in Misc - 1 min to read

Having been walking for walking’s sake a lot more during lockdown, I’ve visited a lot of nooks and crannies in Guernsey that I might not otherwise venture into. After living here the majority of my life, there are a lot of memories associated with these places; the street where I received my only punch to the face of my life so far, the low wall I flippantly told my friend I was going to “just sit on and die” before not being able to mount, the slipway on a beach where I first kissed a former flame.

Naturally the memories are both good and bad, and upon revisiting the locations that house the latter, they have something of a haunted quality. The former are warm and comforting, reminders of simpler times. I wonder if in future when I return to any of these places that I’ll remember the times when I went there during the pandemic, the most bizarre time of life so far.