Back in London

Published in Personal - 2 mins to read

As of yesterday I am finally back in London, and it feels like a big relief. Throughout my whole time in Guernsey I experienced a persistent low level anxiety that made the experience exhausting, and may even have had a physiological effect on me - running comparable speeds and distances in London my heart rate has been meaningfully lower.

Living on my own and having my own space has made London quickly feel like home, and it is amazing to be able to walk out the door and not be worried about who I might bump into (or indeed to walk out the door at all, given my recent self isolation). Having the comfort of my plants, my coffee grinder, and my king size bed are all things that I’ll take for granted a little less after having been deprived of them for two weeks.

I have already been thinking about moving on from London - about getting a remote job and moving to the mountains, or the sea, or simply travelling round anywhere that’d have me. But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and upon returning to London I feel more appreciative of it than I did before I left, and the chaos and frenetic pace of life here feels strangely comforting. It’s good to be back.