Back To Work

Published in Misc / Personal - 1 min to read

As I write this an hour before heading back into the office, I am far more excited about returning to work then I feel like most people are at the end of any length of recuperative time off. Perhaps there is an element of loneliness to it - I spent the entire time I was off by myself, and it’ll be nice to interact with my colleagues again given we get on well. This is especially true given two of them will be in the office with me today. Perhaps it is the structure and the routine, something which I think has always been a big positive for me when it comes to having a job. Without it, I find myself frittering away huge amounts of time not really doing very much at all, and then feeling guilty about it afterwards. Or perhaps it’s just that my job isn’t as awful as I thought jobs were meant to be, and it genuinely feels good to apply myself to something challenging, to solve problems and work as a time. Once again it seems like my cynicism likely needs re-evaluating.