Better Than Medication

Published in Running / Mental Health - 2 mins to read

Another very short one today in light of a lack of both inspiration and time. In the past couple of weeks I’ve thought a bit about what would happen to my mental health if I stopped taking my medication, and what would happen if I stopped running. In the former case, I feel like there’s a decent chance that I wouldn’t see a noticeable change, although that could be totally wrong - I have been taking Trazodone for the best part of two years now, and can’t really remember what my brain felt like without it. Conversely if I stopped running I am very confident it’d be an almost immediate crisis, as I don’t know what I’d replace it with, and it has such a noticeable daily impact. If I always felt like I feel before a run and never felt like I feel after a run, I would not do well at all. Unfortunately it is also very possible that I might have to stop running at some point, if I were to get some kind of injury, and given I am running 50 mile weeks primarily on asphalt at the moment, that could potentially just be a matter of time.

I probably need to find some kind of backup, but most cardio at least needs your legs, so if one of my Achilles' explodes, I could be out of luck. Let’s just hope my body manages to keep itself in one piece then.