Blogs Actually Worth Writing

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I spend quite a lot of time trying to work out what topics are actually “worth” writing about, and often find myself rejecting using a slew of ideas because I don’t think they match whatever arbitrary standard I set myself. I want to write something that’s worth reading, something that feels important, every time I write one of these posts, but then it’s hard to assign any kind of importance to anything I think. Part of me would love to write about social justice a lot more, and try to use my voice to bring about positive change, but I’m not (yet) as educated as I think I need to be, and I’m still worried I miss the point a lot. Another part of me thinks I should write about my mental health “journey” a lot more, but I don’t really like writing specifically about other people, and they are clearly involved in that - and writing candidly about it would cause them some amount of hurt in the process.

I don’t know. I guess for now you’re stuck with more stupid posts about cats.