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Yesterday the MCR reunion gig that I had ticket to originally in June 2020 got postponed again until May 2022, which will understandable, was pretty disappointing nonetheless. The other side of the coin is that it made me doubly grateful to be able to go see live music here in Guernsey, which is exactly what I did last night, as my friends and I headed to the local concert hall to see up-and-coming pop punk newcomers Bloomfield play their first show.

Admittedly the fact that my little brother was playing bass in the band was 99% of the motivation to go, but still. I feel like I’ve had the bass part to all of Bloomfield’s songs a thousand times over in the past few months, only slightly muted by the ceiling between our rooms, becoming progressively more grating as the weeks dragged on. Having rationalised not insisting on silence & stillness throughout the house by telling myself he had to practice for this gig and I ought to let him, I was excited to bear witness to the fruits of his labour - as I felt I had endured quite a lot for him to get to this stage.

Grumpiness and cynicism aside, they were really good, I was incredibly proud of him. For such a young band, the only way is up, and they clearly have a tonne of potential; they spent the entirety of last weekend recording their debut EP, due out in June, and I already think I’m going to love it.