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Today I went to Brighton, my third visit in the last six weekends. I love it there; I get to be by the sea, which makes me feel at peace, but there’s plenty to explore in the Lanes, quirky shops to go in and delicious treats to hunt out. I made my own iced filter coffee this morning and then drank it on the beach, an experience I cannot recommend enough. I finally got round to finishing Kafka on the Shore, and I’m glad I did given it was the longest I’ve taken to read a book so far this year. I also got halfway through Klara and the Sun. Strolling round Brighton Pier, listening to Cory Wong on my headphones, I was reminded that I’m capable of being really, really happy in my own company, something I wouldn’t have thought possible until recently. I enjoyed delightful ice cream and even found the water temperature quite pleasant. As far as days off work go, today was pretty perfect.