Critical Feedback

Published in Personal / Career - 1 min to read

Today I got some critical feedback from my boss. Even though I would arrogantly consider myself mature, emotionally intelligent, yada yada yada, it’s funny that my knee jerk reaction is still to take it personally, when obviously it isn’t. This is made even more ironic by me regularly esposuing my hatred for positive feedback, finding it disingenuous and unpalateable… fortunately my team seems to be quite accepting of my low self esteem and narcissism occasionally bleeding over into my professional life.

Anyway, critical feedback is great, and far more interesting than the positive kind. It gives you the opportunity to genuinely improve yourself, and is, in my opinion, far more often born of a place of love than a desire to cause pain. It makes you re-evaluate your own thoughts and ideas in a way that I think is abundantly healthy and easily postponeable unless the inertia is broken by someone else. I am going to do my best to solicit more of this kind of feedback, and would welcome any you might have to offer me.