Disco Elysium

Published in Video Games - 1 min to read

The game that I choose to accompany me on my journey through the barren internetless wasteland was ZA/UM’s isometric RPG, Disco Elysium. Had I realised earlier that it was heavily inspired by the Infinity Engine games of yore, then I think I would’ve found time to play it sooner, especially given its widespread critical acclaim.

This game is beautiful. The art style is stunning (it’s quite reminiscent of Dishonored, another gorgeous game), the sound design is excellent, and the dialogue is hilarious - I can’t remember a game that has made me laugh out loud in the way Disco Elysium does. It’s self aware, meta AF and wholly unafraid of breaking the fourth wall, which means it feels a lot like playing with an actual DM. The gameplay is complex and challenging, and it genuinely feels like your choices matter as you navigate both the open world of Revichol and the unique skill tree.

As of today is has also been nominated for six BAFTAs, both best game and best game design, and I can absolutely see why. I will be sinking 100% of my free time into this until I have completed it, and I could not recommend it more strongly - 9.5/10.