Doing Nothing

Published in Personal - 1 min to read

Recently I’ve constantly felt rushed off my feet, but today I managed to carve out some time to Do Nothing. Doing Nothing is when I sit down and put my hands at my sides and close my eyes, and I don’t listen to music or look at a screen or eat or move. Occasionally I accidentally think, but that is the only thing I am doing. To the uninitiated, Doing Nothing may sound suspiciously similar to meditation, but it is in fact totally different. Meditation is productive, it serves a purpose, it’s something I do because I hope it will make me feel better about my life in the short term, it’s part of a constant cycle of striving and self-improvement. Doing Nothing is none of those things - it is in fact, none of any things. It is nothing.

It is also my favourite activity in the whole world.